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RONCO’s New DEFENSOR™ 69-510 Glove – a Cut Above in Food Safety

Date: August 12, 2013

HPPE cut-resistant liner delivers maximum protection, comfort and flexibility to the food processing workplace

New from RONCO, the DEFENSOR™ 69-510 cut-resistant glove offers CE EN388 cut level 5 protection against abrasion without compromising comfort. Hand conforming, soft and flexible, this is the ideal glove to safeguard against accidental knife or blade mishaps within the food processing industry – and more specifically, in meat processing applications. 

Comfortable and form-fitting, DEFENSOR™ 69-510 is manufactured from a lightweight HPPE engineered fibre which is, by weight, many times stronger than steel. The glove is CFIA – Canadian Food Inspection Agency evaluated and accepted for use in food applications. DEFENSOR™ 69-510 can be worn by itself, or as a liner underneath other types of gloves. As a primary source of cut resistance, it can be worn by itself, or underneath a standard disposable foodservice glove to prevent cross-contamination. In situations where the cut hazard is extremely high, it can be worn as a back-up underneath another cut-resistant glove.  

RONCO President, Ron Pecchioli, says the new glove was swiftly introduced to meet immediate customer demands. “To remain competitive, our company continuously seeks to analyze, identify and anticipate our customer needs, prioritize them and act quickly to create solutions.”

“Our food processing customers understand the direct and indirect costs associated with a workplace injury, “Mr. Pecchioli continued. “Many of them have implemented comprehensive safety programs and will only trust reputable PPE manufacturers, like RONCO, that understand their specific industry hazards and that can produce a quality glove like DEFENSOR™ 69-510 for its target application.

Product Manager, Matthew Shannon, says that, while the PPE requirements of a food processing plant may differ according to its size and what is produced, the performance and quality demanded is standard across the industry.“New advances in materials and manufacturing technology allow us to bring innovative safety solutions to market, Mr. Shannon continued. “High-performance gloves like DEFENSOR™ 69-510 are the future of hand protection.”


HPPE – High Performance Polyethylene is, by weight, 10 to 12 times stronger than carbon steel, is abrasive-resistant, highly flexible and can quickly absorb, disperse and dissipate body heat. It is non-toxic and highly resistant to corrosive chemicals. HPPE is comprised of non-metallic materials, so there is no risk of product contamination resulting from glove particles in food. The glove does not easily absorb liquid; this low moisture absorption reduces the potential growth of microorganisms that may result in food contamination.


DEFENSOR™ GLOVES deliver superior protection in workplace applications that require the handling of tools, sheet metal, glass or other sharp objects. While DEFENSOR™ products are cut-resistant, they are not cut-proof. Their use is not recommended with serrated or moving blades.

Established in 1996, RONCO is a world-class manufacturer of safety products. With a focus on consistent quality and outstanding customer service, RONCO has developed a strong presence across Canada for delivering safety solutions for Hand, Head and Body. RONCO is ISO 22000 certified for FSMS – Food Safety Management Systems.

For more information on which RONCO DEFENSOR™ glove is right for your application, or to obtain samples, please contact us at 905 660 6700 or info@ronco.ca.

Vani Kshattriya
Marketing Manager
905 660 6700 ext. 275


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